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Schwarzenegger Praises Pratt, Gushes Over Grandkids and Animal Encounters

In a heartwarming interview on the “New Heights” podcast, Arnold Schwarzenegger showered his son-in-law Chris Pratt with praise and revealed his delight in spending time with his granddaughters.

The 76-year-old action star couldn’t hold back his enthusiasm for Pratt, calling him a “fun guy to talk to” and expressing his joy over their family bond. He praised the couple’s compatibility and their obvious affection for each other.

Beyond his approval of Pratt, Schwarzenegger also revealed his fondness for his granddaughters, Lyla Maria and Eloise Christina. He shared how his daughter Katherine often brings the girls over to play with his unique menagerie, including a pig, a mini-horse, and a mini-donkey.

The proud grandfather described baking sugarless oatmeal cookies with the girls to feed the animals, highlighting their joy in interacting with the creatures. He recounted moments of teaching them to feed his pig, Nelly, and introducing them to the miniature donkey, Lulu, and miniature pony, Whiskey.

This interview further solidifies the positive relationship between Schwarzenegger and Pratt. Previously, Schwarzenegger has publicly congratulated Pratt on his films, while Pratt has expressed his deep appreciation for his father-in-law’s support and admiration.

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