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A Rocky Reunion: Deborah and Ava Navigate Awkwardness in Hacks Season 3 Premiere

Things are frosty between Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels in the upcoming season of Hacks. A year after their explosive falling out in the season 2 finale, the legendary comedian and her former writing partner find themselves in an unexpected encounter at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal.

Our exclusive clip reveals the tension simmering just beneath the surface of their polite but distant conversation. Gone is the “kinetic energy” that usually defines their dynamic. Ava’s attempts to poke holes in Deborah’s facade only highlight the unresolved issues hanging between them.

Co-creator Lucia Aniello says reuniting Deborah and Ava was the season’s biggest hurdle. “We didn’t want the show to lose its core by keeping them apart for too long, but we also needed to avoid a rushed reconciliation,” she explains. “The emotional fallout from season 2 had to be addressed.”

Showrunner Jen Statsky emphasizes that season 3 delves into previously unseen aspects of this complicated relationship. “There’s a new dynamic at play here, and it’s intentionally a little mysterious for the audience,” she says. “Even the writing process itself felt strange at times, but that discomfort was a deliberate choice.”

This awkward encounter serves as a springboard for a season exploring broader themes. As Paul W. Downs, who portrays Deborah’s manager Jimmy, explains, “Season 3 centers on Deborah’s pursuit of a late-night talk show slot, all while she grapples with the unresolved tension between her and Ava.”

With two critically acclaimed seasons and a slew of awards under their belt, the pressure is on for the showrunners to deliver another knockout season. “There’s definitely confidence in our understanding of the characters,” Downs acknowledges, “but the pressure to surprise and delight the audience remains constant. As viewers ourselves, we expect our favorite shows to evolve and keep us engaged. That’s the bar we strive to clear each season.”

Hacks season 3 premieres May 2nd on Max. Don’t miss our exclusive clip showcasing the much-anticipated reunion between Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels.

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