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Marbey and Mind Booster Beast Spark Up "Is It You? (Remix)"

Marbey and Mind Booster Beast Spark Up “Is It You? (Remix)”

Hold onto your dancing shoes, music lovers! Armenian songbird Marbey and electronic music whiz Mind Booster Beast have joined forces for a remix of Marbey‘s soulful ballad, “Is It You?“. This energetic revamp infuses the track with electro-pop magic, transforming it into a guaranteed party starter.

Remember the original “Is It You?“? The one that tugged at your heartstrings with its raw emotions and powerhouse vocals? Well, the remix keeps that core message of yearning and second chances alive, but adds a layer of infectious dance beats and shimmering synths that will have you bopping along in no time. Marbey‘s voice floats effortlessly over the pulsating rhythm, creating a soundscape that’s both uplifting and irresistibly catchy.

This collaboration is a match made in musical heaven. Marbey, known for her soulful voice and genre-hopping spirit, finds the perfect partner in Mind Booster Beast’s knack for crafting irresistible electronic soundscapes. The result? A genre-bending masterpiece that breaks free from labels and is sure to set toes tapping for fans of both pop and electronic music.

But “Is It You? (Remix)” is more than just a dance track. It’s a testament to Marbey‘s artistic evolution. The song showcases her willingness to experiment and push boundaries, all while staying true to her powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics. It’s like taking a familiar favorite and giving it a dazzling makeover, complete with a dance floor-ready beat.

With this fresh take on a beloved track, Marbey and Mind Booster Beast are poised to take the music scene by storm. This dynamic duo is definitely one to watch, and “Is It You? (Remix)” is the perfect invitation for new fans to discover their infectious sound. So, crank up the volume, hit the dance floor, and let Marbey and Mind Booster Beast take you on a journey of sonic delight!

Listen to “Is It You? (Remix)” below:

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