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Dinklage Takes Flight as Dr. Dillamond in WICKED Movie Musical

Calling all Oz enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for some magical casting news. The upcoming big-screen adaptation of the smash-hit musical WICKED has snagged a true heavyweight: Peter Dinklage (best known for his iconic role in Game of Thrones) will lend his voice to Dr. Dillamond.

Dr. Dillamond, though a smaller character in the WICKED universe, plays a pivotal role. This scholarly goat, who teaches Elphaba (played by Cynthia Erivo) history at Shiz University, becomes the first to warn her of a looming threat – dark forces jeopardizing the very existence of Oz’s talking animals, including himself. Dr. Dillamond delivers the crucial song “Something Bad,” detailing these ominous signs while grappling with his own struggle to maintain control over his speech, punctuated by uncontrollable bleats.

While Dinklage boasts an impressive career spanning stage and screen, forays into musicals have been a rarity. One notable exception was his portrayal of the title character in a musical adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac titled simply Cyrano.

Fans eagerly awaiting WICKED have been buzzing online about the casting of Dr. Dillamond, with some expressing concern due to his absence from previous announcements and the first teaser trailer. Speculation even ran rampant that the character might be omitted entirely from the film.

Based on the beloved musical of the same name, WICKED delves into the untold story of the witches of Oz. The narrative centers on Elphaba, destined to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda (played by Ariana Grande), originally known as Galinda. This prequel to The Wizard of Oz (based on Gregory Maguire’s novel) explores the unlikely friendship that blossoms between these two women as magic, love, and the very fate of Oz hang in the balance.

Speaking at CinemaCon 2023, director Jon M. Chu offered a tantalizing glimpse into the film’s essence: “This movie has it all – spectacular musical numbers, thrilling action sequences. And while it takes inspiration from a classic story you’re all familiar with, The Wizard of Oz, ultimately, it’s about something much deeper – the necessity of change for growth and progress.”

Get ready for double the wickedness! WICKED will be presented in two parts. Part One is slated to hit theaters on November 27th, 2024, with Part Two following suit on November 26th, 2025.

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