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Lizzo Faces Lawsuit Over Allegations of Harassment

Lizzo, the prominent rap-pop star, is facing a new lawsuit filed by three of her former dancers, who claim to have experienced sexual, racial, and religious harassment during their time working with her and her team.

According to court documents from California Superior Court, the suit accuses Lizzo and her touring company, Big Grrrl Big Tour, along with Shirlene Quigley, the captain of Lizzo’s dance team, of creating a hostile work environment. The allegations include sexual harassment, religious harassment, racial harassment, and failure to prevent or address these issues.

One of the plaintiffs asserted that Lizzo made offensive remarks about her weight gain, which later led to her being berated and fired after recording a meeting due to an eye condition.

The lawsuit also claims that Quigley attempted to convert the dancers to her religion and would chastise them for engaging in pre-marital sex. Additionally, she allegedly discussed inappropriate topics, such as masturbation and sexual fantasies, with the group. One of the dancers further stated that she was coerced into touching a woman’s breast at a strip club against her will.

Former Lizzo dancers accuse her of sexual harassment and racial  discrimination - CBS News

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs seek unspecified punitive damages, coverage for medical expenses and attorney fees, and remedies for the violations of their civil rights under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case raises significant concerns about workplace behavior and highlights the importance of addressing harassment and discrimination issues within the entertainment industry.

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