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Sabrina Carpenter Responds to Controversial “Feather” Video: “And Jesus was a Carpenter”

Sabrina Carpenter, the talented singer known for her chart-topping hits, finds herself at the center of controversy following the release of her music video for “Feather.” The Diocese of Brooklyn has denounced the video, which features Carpenter engaging in violent acts before dancing in a church, prompting a response from the artist.

The Controversial “Feather” Video:

In the music video for “Feather,” Carpenter takes on a darker and more provocative theme, leading to criticism from the Diocese of Brooklyn. Bishop Robert J. Brennan expressed his dismay, stating, “I am appalled at what was filmed at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Brooklyn.” He further noted that the parish did not adhere to diocesan policy regarding filming on church property.

Carpenter’s Response:

Despite the backlash, Carpenter responded to the controversy with a touch of humor. In an interview with Variety, she mentioned that the shoot had received prior approval. In a lighthearted manner, she quipped, “And Jesus was a carpenter.” The remark cleverly references her last name and the profession traditionally associated with Jesus.

On Tour with Taylor Swift:

Carpenter has been on tour with Taylor Swift as part of The Eras Tour. During her opening sets, she has been incorporating city-specific changes into her lyrics, showcasing her playful side. The singer expressed that humor is a crucial part of her life and creativity, stating, “Humor is such a healing part of my life. And I use it in everything — that’s how a lot of my songs happen.”

Watch the “Feather” Video:

Despite the controversy, Carpenter’s “Feather” video has stirred discussions and garnered attention. Fans and critics alike can watch the provocative video to form their own opinions on the artistic expression that has sparked both admiration and controversy.

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