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Kelly Clarkson Expresses Desire to Collaborate on Music with Mariah Carey

Kelly Clarkson expressed her eagerness to collaborate on music with Mariah Carey, taking up Carey’s offer to co-write a song that she had previously declined. The American singer revealed her unintentional snub during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

Clarkson began by sharing that the first song she ever performed in front of an audience was Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” She admitted that her decision to sing that song wasn’t driven by courage but by cluelessness, stating, “I just adore that song.”

When asked whether she had conveyed her admiration to Carey, she admitted she hadn’t but mentioned past encounters with the singer, humorously adding, “She knows I’m a huge fan because I’ve bumped into her a few times, and she’s probably put me on some security list to avoid me.”

Clarkson recalled a situation where she inadvertently declined Carey’s offer to collaborate on a song. During Carey’s role as an adviser on The Voice in 2018, they exchanged compliments about their songwriting skills, which led to Carey proposing the idea of a collaboration. However, Clarkson walked away without realizing she had said “No” to Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson

In retrospect, Clarkson clarified her intentions, saying that her best writing usually happens when she’s alone and that seeing her name on a song typically means she wrote it by herself. Nevertheless, when asked if she’d like to write a song with Mariah Carey, she enthusiastically confirmed her desire.

During a previous appearance on Las Culturistas in July, Clarkson mentioned her limited experience with collaborative songwriting, jokingly saying she didn’t want to sit in a room with someone who has “a billion No. 1s,” referring to Mariah Carey’s immense success. She also expressed her deep admiration for Carey’s songwriting skills, which she believes are often overshadowed by Carey’s incredible vocals.

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