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Rauw Alejandro Addresses Breakup with Rosalía, Denies Infidelity Allegations

Rauw Alejandro has spoken out about his recent breakup with Rosalía, setting the record straight on the reasons behind their split. Earlier this week, it was reported that the couple, who had been engaged since March, had decided to part ways amicably. Following the news, fans speculated about the cause of the breakup, prompting Alejandro to address the situation.

In a heartfelt statement shared on his Twitter, the Puerto Rican star revealed that he never anticipated having to make public statements about his private life. He confirmed that he and Rosalía ended their engagement a few months ago but emphasized that the breakup was not due to any third-party involvement or infidelity. During this time of reflection, Alejandro expressed his concern over erroneous public allegations that have surfaced.

He expressed his love and respect for Rosalía, their families, and the love story they shared, stating that he could not stay silent while others attempted to tarnish their relationship. With his message, Alejandro hoped to put an end to any false narratives surrounding their split and thanked his fans for their ongoing support.

Noting that despite their deep affection for one another, both singers mutually agreed to end their engagement. The couple had gone public with their relationship in August 2021 and officially announced their romance on social media the following month.

In March 2022, Rosalía got “RR” tattooed on her foot, signifying the initials she shared with Alejandro. The following month, Alejandro reciprocated by getting “Rosalía” tattooed above his navel. Their engagement was unveiled in the music video for their song “Beso” from their joint EP RR.

As Rauw Alejandro clears the air on the reason behind their breakup, fans and followers of both artists hope they find happiness and continued success in their respective careers.

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