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Cher Advocates for Ageless Love: “Date Younger,” Offers Surprising Relationship Advice

In a surprising revelation on the show Chicken Shop Date, legendary singer Cher shared unconventional yet heartfelt advice for women seeking love. Cher, known for her timeless hits like “Believe,” encouraged women to consider dating younger men, emphasizing the importance of expanding horizons in the pursuit of true love.

Key Points from Cher’s Advice:

  1. “Go out with a younger man”: Cher’s straightforward advice shocked host Amelia Dimoldenberg, but she stood firm in her belief that age should not be a barrier to finding happiness in a relationship.
  2. Cher’s Personal Bliss: Cher, currently in a relationship with 36-year-old Alexander “AE” Edwards, proudly shared her romantic happiness on social media. Despite facing criticism for the age difference, Cher remains unapologetically content.
  3. Cher’s Response to Critics: When confronted with negative comments online about her relationship, Cher responded with resilience, stating, “I’m not defending us. Haters are gonna hate…doesn’t matter. That we’re happy and not bothering anyone.”
  4. Addressing Age Preferences: Towards the end of her Chicken Shop Date appearance, Cher addressed the perception of age preferences in her dating history, confessing that older men have not always been receptive to her.

Cher’s Dating Pool and Bold Confession: Cher’s dating history, rumored to include notable names like Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, David Geffen, Gene Simmons, Warren Beatty, and Michael Bolton, has seen a fluctuation in age. The singer, known for her candidness, confessed that older men have not always liked her.

Cher’s unexpected dating advice serves as a refreshing perspective on love, challenging societal norms and encouraging individuals to embrace connections that transcend age boundaries. Her openness about her own happiness and resilience against criticism sends a powerful message about prioritizing personal fulfillment in matters of the heart.

Watch Cher’s Full Interview on Chicken Shop Date:

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