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Selena Gomez Confirms Relationship with Benny Blanco Amid Dating Rumors

Selena Gomez recently addressed and confirmed dating rumors surrounding her and producer Benny Blanco. The speculation arose from an Instagram post by @popfactions, stating, “Selena Gomez is rumored to be dating producer Benny Blanco.” Gomez responded to the post with a simple “Facts.”

Further comments by Gomez in response to apparent backlash included statements expressing Blanco as “the best thing that’s ever happened” to her and “better than anyone I’ve ever been with.” The celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi had previously claimed that Gomez and Blanco have been involved since “before the spring.”

Public connections between Gomez and Blanco include Blanco’s attendance at Gomez’s 31st birthday party in July and Gomez sharing an Instagram post by Blanco in November about “Open Wide: A Cookbook For Friends,” calling it one of her favorites.

Gomez and Blanco have a history of musical collaboration, notably on the 2019 single “I Can’t Get Enough,” where they worked together with Tainy and J Balvin.

The confirmation comes as Gomez opens up about her relationship with Blanco, putting an end to speculations about their romantic involvement.

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