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Cardi B And Offset Reportedly Sued For $85,000 In Damages

Cardi B and Offset are reportedly facing a lawsuit for allegedly not paying rent and causing “significant property damage” to a Beverly Hills vacation home, according to TMZ. The legal documents suggest that the couple vacated the property in October 2023 without providing notice to the landlord.

The landlord filing the lawsuit claims that Cardi B and Offset owe a minimum of $85,000 for damages, citing “permanent scratches in the tile floors, rugs, and curtains, broken furniture, holes in the walls, and burn marks on things like tables, counters, and cabinets.” Attempts to contact the two have allegedly been unsuccessful.

This legal action comes in the midst of Cardi B and Offset’s publicized separation, which unfolded on social media in recent weeks. Cardi B, in a livestream, expressed her anticipation for a new beginning and tweeted about addressing Offset’s alleged mistreatment.

The specific reasons behind their split remain unclear, and it’s uncertain whether the property dispute contributed to their separation.

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