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Sydney Sweeney Addresses Claims of Objectification in The Rolling Stones’ “Angry” Video from ‘Hackney Diamonds’ Album

In September, The Rolling Stones made headlines with the announcement of their new album, Hackney Diamonds, accompanied by a visually striking video for the song “Angry,” starring actress Sydney Sweeney. The video featured vintage band performances displayed on billboards while Sweeney, donned in chaps and a corset, danced and sang along while cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a convertible. However, some viewers raised concerns, claiming the video sexually objectified Sweeney.

Addressing the criticism in a recent Glamour interview, Sweeney shared her perspective on the experience. “I felt hot. I picked my own outfit out of racks and racks of clothes. I felt so good in it,” she expressed about her role in the video.

Responding to claims of sexual objectification, Sweeney stated, “One of the questions I get is, ‘Are you a feminist?’ I find empowerment through embracing the body that I have. That’s sexy and strong, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I’m in a Rolling Stones video. How cool and iconic is that? I felt so good. All the moves, everything I was doing was all freestyle. I mean, who else gets to roll around on the top of a convertible driving down Sunset Boulevard with police escorts? It’s the cool things in this career that I had no idea I’d get to do.”

This response comes after Damon Albarn, known for his work with Blur and Gorillaz, criticized the video, expressing his discomfort with the band’s portrayal at different stages of their lives on billboards and Sweeney’s perceived objectification.

Watch The Rolling Stones’ “Angry” video below.

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