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Jared Leto Shares Hilarious “Hot Mess Makeup Tutorial” on Instagram

Jared Leto, the actor and musician known for his unique style, recently posted a humorous “hot mess makeup tutorial” video on Instagram. The 51-year-old star walked fans through his unconventional makeup routine, complete with playful audiovisual effects.

In the video, Leto jokingly explains his makeup strategy, focusing on speed rather than precision. He applies bold and vibrant colors to his eyes and brows in a seemingly chaotic manner. The video features humorous text messages from “Everyone” urging him to hurry up with his makeup.

Jared Leto Walks Through the Steps of His 'Hot Mess Makeup Tutorial' on Instagram: 'Total Disaster'

With comical animated effects, Leto demonstrates his makeup process step by step. He layers on eyeshadow and other products, creating an intentionally messy look. He even adds yellow pigment to his hair, admitting that he doesn’t know the inspiration behind it other than wanting to put something there.

Throughout the tutorial, Leto‘s playful narration and candid reactions keep the mood light and entertaining. The video concludes with Leto jokingly naming his makeup creation “Total Disaster,” accompanied by a virtual explosion effect.

This isn’t the first time Leto has shared a playful makeup routine on Instagram. His unique and dramatic style choices, including bleached eyebrows and metallic grills, have become part of his signature look.

Fans and followers appreciated Leto’s lighthearted approach to makeup and enjoyed the entertaining tutorial, showcasing his sense of humor and creativity in the world of fashion and beauty.

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