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Harry Styles ‘ Thigh Tattoo Sparks Speculation about Past Romance with Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles recently wrapped up his Love On Tour in Italy, bidding farewell to the demands of life on the road. However, it seems that past romantic connections are not easily forgotten, as fans online have sparked speculation about his feelings for Olivia Wilde, his co-star in “Don’t Worry Darling.”

A picture shared by Pop Crave revealed a thigh tattoo on Styles, bearing the name of the actress. From the appearance of the tattoo, it is evident that it isn’t new ink. This has led fans to wonder if Styles still harbors feelings for Wilde, with whom he reportedly dated for two years before parting ways before their on-screen project hit theaters.

The image of the tattoo stirred mixed responses from people on the platform. Some enthusiastically supported the body art, expressing their approval. Others, however, advised not to read too much into it, emphasizing that Styles and Wilde are no longer together, and the tattoo is likely to be an older one from before their breakup.

Additionally, some fans suggested that the inspiration for the tattoo might have been a 2015 song by Styles’ former group One Direction with a similar name, hinting that it could be unrelated to his past relationship with Olivia Wilde.

As the speculation continues, it remains uncertain whether the tattoo holds any specific meaning for Harry Styles and what significance it may have in relation to his personal life and artistic expression.

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