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FKA Twigs Teases Joyful “Techno”-Inspired Album Amid Controversy

FKA Twigs, the avant-garde artist, is set to bring a lighter tone with her upcoming album, revealing that she’s “not sad anymore.” In a recent Discord server chat celebrating her birthday, Twigs shared insights into her latest project, a collaboration with electronic musician Koreless. The album, slated for release later this year, promises a departure from the melancholic, marked by the spirit of techno.

Having relocated to Prague a couple of summers ago, Twigs found inspiration in techno, emphasizing that while her new album isn’t techno, it carries the genre’s spirit. Describing the album as deep but not sad, she expressed a newfound emotional state, signaling a departure from the somber tones of her previous work.

This forthcoming album follows her 2022 release, Caprisongs, which she described as “collab heavy.” In contrast, Twigs emphasized her inclination to avoid repetition in her artistic endeavors.

The artist briefly touched on her listening habits, indicating a focus on finishing her album, with a preference for Two Shell. The conversation around Twigs’ music coincides with controversy stemming from the ban on her March 2023 Calvin Klein ad. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority labeled the ad offensive, deeming it portrayed her as a “stereotypical sexual object.”

Twigs responded to the ban on Instagram, asserting that the image showcased a “beautiful, strong woman of color.” She drew parallels to icons like Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, and Grace Jones, emphasizing empowerment and breaking barriers.

Calvin Klein disputed the ban, asserting the photos were not harmful, and both Twigs and Kendall Jenner found empowerment in them. The ASA’s decision faced public backlash, highlighting a perceived double standard in comparison to a male model in a similar state of undress not facing similar consequences.

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