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Dua Lipa Prioritizes Upcoming Album Over Immediate Motherhood Plans

Dua Lipa Prioritizes Upcoming Album Over Immediate Motherhood Plans

Pop star Dua Lipa shared her thoughts on motherhood and her new album, giving insight into her current priorities and perspectives.

Lipa spoke about the significance of family in her life and the closeness she maintains with her parents and grandparents. When asked about her plans for motherhood, she revealed that while she hasn’t ruled it out, it’s not something she’s actively planning for at the moment. She humorously mentioned that her main “baby” right now is her upcoming album, highlighting her strong focus on her musical career.

Dua Lipa attends the World Premiere of "Barbie" at Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall on July 09, 2023

Discussing the role of women in society, Lipa expressed her gratitude for the progress that has been made in granting women more autonomy. She emphasized the importance of women being able to pursue their goals at their own pace without feeling guilty for prioritizing themselves. Lipa’s viewpoint echoed a broader perspective on women’s empowerment and their right to make choices that align with their aspirations.

Lipa, known for her advocacy of LGBTQ rights, delved into the interconnectedness of homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. She spoke about the fear that often underlies prejudice and discrimination. Lipa shared her commitment to using her platform to raise awareness and create a sense of belonging for the LGBTQ community.

Dua Lipa is seen on the front row of the GCDS fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2023/2024 on February 23, 2023

Beyond her music career, Lipa‘s dedication to social causes was evident. She discussed her desire to effect positive change and amplify important messages while staying true to her individuality. Her intention to drive meaningful change goes beyond her role as an artist, showcasing her as a powerful advocate for equality and inclusivity.

In the evolving landscape of her music career, Dua Lipa‘s emphasis on her upcoming album and her unwavering support for gender equality and LGBTQ rights remain central. Her ability to blend her musical talents with her dedication to social progress paints her as an artist who uses her platform to inspire change and challenge societal norms.

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