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Beyoncé’s Renaissance: Act II Singles Spark Debate Among Country Radio Stations

Beyoncé‘s latest singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” from her upcoming album Renaissance: Act II, have ignited discussions within the country music sphere, raising questions about their potential reception on country radio. As anticipation builds for Beyoncé’s venture into the country genre, program managers from major radio stations are sharing their insights on the singer’s latest musical direction.

Travis Moon, program manager for 93Q Country in Houston, is among the early adopters of Beyoncé’s foray into country music. He expresses enthusiasm for “Texas Hold ‘Em,” emphasizing the track’s quality and its seamless fit within the station’s programming. Moon’s decision to add the song to rotation reflects his belief in its appeal to listeners, irrespective of Beyoncé’s star status.

Meanwhile, Nick Russo, program manager for US99 Country in Houston, highlights “16 Carriages” as a standout track with its poignant storytelling reminiscent of country’s traditional narrative style. Drawing parallels to Taylor Swift’s early acoustic ballads, Russo underscores the emotional depth of Beyoncé’s songwriting, positioning it as a compelling addition to the country music landscape.

Mike Levine of Go Country 105 in Los Angeles takes a cautious approach, acknowledging the need to assess listener feedback before integrating Beyoncé’s music into regular programming. Despite this, Levine praises the quality of Beyoncé’s new single, indicating a potential opening for its inclusion in future rotations.

Overall, radio managers express optimism about Beyoncé’s ability to attract new listeners to country music while also acknowledging the potential for her existing fanbase to explore the genre. As Beyoncé blurs genre boundaries with her latest project, the conversation surrounding her crossover appeal continues to evolve, signaling an exciting moment for both the artist and the country music community.

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