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Andy Cohen Shares His Experience of Kissing Jennifer Lawrence on Live TV

Andy Cohen Shares His Experience of Kissing Jennifer Lawrence on Live TV

A few months ago, during an appearance on “What What Happens Live,” Jennifer Lawrence playfully teased host Andy Cohen about never having kissed her, despite kissing other celebrities like John Mayer. Cohen responded with a declaration that he found Lawrence attractive and expressed his desire to kiss her. To everyone’s surprise, the two shared a spontaneous kiss on live television.

During this week’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” an audience member brought up the memorable kiss, asking Cohen about his experience. Cohen candidly admitted, “You know what? I was so nervous to kiss her. I think she’s so hot. Yeah, it was nice. It was really nice.

Amidst laughter from the audience, Lawrence joked that Mayer might be more Cohen’s type. Cohen took a moment to clarify his feelings, expressing his genuine attraction to Lawrence. “I’d love to kiss you — consensually,” Cohen added.

As the playful banter continued, Cohen revealed a humorous detail about his reaction after the kiss. When Lawrence asked whether his reaction was physical, Cohen jokingly replied, “I’m hard as a rock. I’m bone hard.”

The light-hearted conversation showcased the chemistry between Cohen and Lawrence and provided an entertaining moment for viewers.

The unexpected on-screen kiss between Jennifer Lawrence and Andy Cohen not only surprised fans but also added a memorable and amusing touch to the talk show. The candid discussion about the experience further cements the playful rapport between the two personalities.

For those who missed the initial moment or want to relive the entertaining exchange, the video of Cohen discussing the kiss is available for viewing.

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