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See How J Balvin Prioritizes Family Time

J Balvin’s parenting approach is sure to resonate with everyone. The award-winning performer, who welcomed his first child, a newborn boy named Rio, with Valentina Ferrer in June 2021, recently revealed why he’s moving away from the old-school idea of parents, particularly Hispanic parents, not showing affection to their children.

“We have to take responsibility because we’re more conscious of how our parents used to be,” J Balvin exclusively told E! News while promoting his Miller Lite partnership. “And I don’t blame them and I’m not saying that they’re not good, but it’s the idea that you’ve got to be better than your parents.” He added, “Teaching my son about love and being happy, that’s what I want him to be.”

The JOSE singer also stated that he will not be one of those dads who puts “crazy pressure” on their children. “I don’t want him to be the best of something, I want him to enjoy what he does and be happy,” J Balvin said about his son. “That’s my number one rule. Because once you’re a happy person, it makes life feel better.”

Yet the “Qué Más Pues?” singer reminded out that he isn’t the only one setting a good example in his family. He stated that his 19-month-old son has taught him vital things. “I learned that I didn’t want to grow up and pure our souls are when there’s no fear, no worries,” he noted. “They live in the present and that’s the way we should live. That’s why I wish I was a kid.”

Being a grownup with a full plate of obligations might be hard for J Balvin. He is, nevertheless, not scared to express himself. He expresses it like way: “I always want to show how I really am because I’m human.”

“I cried yesterday, what’s wrong with that? It helps me,” he continued. “When I see a man crying, it’s not weakness. I see someone that has feelings and that is sensitive. I’m into being real and showing your emotions.”

“Because I had moments, and thank God I haven’t had those episodes again,” he said. “I’m really open because I know how it is to live this.”

After all, the Colores singer is dedicated to dismantling the stigmas linked with mental health issues. J Balvin, who called himself “blessed” for taking medication to help with his mental health, explained, “I don’t feel like, ‘Oh s–t I have to live with this forever.’ That’s what really helps me swim and not get hit by the waves.”

In addition to assisting people with their well-being, he is providing cash assistance to lucky beer consumers through the Miller Lite & J Balvin Tab initiative, which launches on March 1. Furthermore, the company is reintroducing the singer’s limited-edition pints, with a percentage of the revenues, up to $150,000, going to the Acción Opportunity Fund, which will offer support to around 50 Latina business owners. “Ever since I started as an artist,” J Balvin recalled. “I always wanted help, someone to guide me and help me elevate my career. Because I didn’t have the opportunity, I wanted to make that Miller Lite.”

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