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Nicki Minaj Has Wardrobe Mishap During Tour, Keeps Show Rolling Like a Pro

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 World Tour hit a snag on March 22nd during her Orlando, Florida concert. Fan-recorded videos circulating on social media captured a wardrobe malfunction the rapper handled with characteristic humor and professionalism.

The incident occurred during a performance of her 2014 hit, “The Night is Still Young.” Minaj, known for her audience interaction, invited fans onstage to sing along to the chorus. While passing the microphone, she appeared to notice her dress slipping. A brief warning, “Do not play with me,” preceded handing the mic to a fan.

The malfunction itself happened when Minaj retrieved the microphone, seemingly unimpressed with the fan’s performance. The movement caused a strap to fall, exposing her breast. Reacting quickly, Minaj grabbed the fabric while simultaneously reprimanding a concertgoer filming the incident. “Put your phone down and live in the moment,” she said with a laugh.

Only then did the full extent of the mishap become clear. Videos show Minaj mouthing “Oh my God, my boob” before adjusting her dress. Taking the mic back, she addressed the audience with a playful jab: “Meanwhile my boob is out and no one f—ing told me. Thanks Barbz,” she said, referencing her devoted fanbase. “My whole boob was out! See that’s what I get for talking about people.”

The clip ends with Minaj holding her dress in place and searching for the next mic-wielding volunteer. A hint of amusement laced her voice as she asked, “Who can sing?” followed by a clear warning, “I’m not doing this tonight, I’m not playing with y’all!”

The Pink Friday 2 World Tour, launched earlier this month, showcases Minaj’s signature fashion sense. Despite the brief wardrobe mishap, the tour boasts a dazzling array of costumes, from a chrome breastplate to hot pink faux fur. Minaj’s ability to laugh off the incident while maintaining the show’s momentum is a testament to her stage presence and connection with her fans.

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