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Lana Del Rey Teases Enigmatic Song Following 2024 Coachella Headlining Announcement

Lana Del Rey, the ethereal songstress, has tantalized fans with a sneak peek of her upcoming track, accompanied by a myriad of questions directed at a mysterious figure named “Henry.” The teaser emerged just a day after the songstress was unveiled as one of the headliners for the 2024 Coachella festival.

In a snippet shared on her Honeymoon Instagram page, Del Rey, 38, unveiled an unreleased song, featuring her signature folksy delivery. The audio snippet was coupled with a Polaroid image capturing Del Rey delicately wiping her eye.

“I mean, Henry, come on,” she sings in a contemplative tone. “Do you think I’d really choose it? / All this off and on, Henry come on.”

As the song unfolds, Del Rey poses more questions, urging, “I mean, baby come on / Do you think I’d really lose it on ya? / If you did nothing wrong, Henry, come on,” before delving into the catchy chorus, “Last call, hey ya, hang his hat up on a wall.”

The snippet intentionally cuts off mid-chorus, leaving fans yearning for more. In the comments section, one listener pleaded, “Henry, can you please tell Lana to release the full song.”

Fans were quick to notice a country vibe in the song, speculating that Lana Del Rey might be exploring a new musical direction, possibly influenced by her time spent in Alabama, where she notably made headlines for waitressing at a local Waffle House.

Known for her ability to seamlessly incorporate Southern and folk-based sounds into her music, Del Rey’s 2021 album, Chemtrails over the Country Club, embraced the Americana aesthetic after the soft-rock tones of her previous work, Norman F—king Rockwell!

The Coachella 2024 lineup, officially revealed on January 16, includes Del Rey headlining the Friday shows on April 12 and 19. Tyler The Creator and Doja Cat will also lead the Saturday and Sunday nights, respectively. The festival boasts a diverse lineup, featuring K-pop sensations ATEEZ, along with ’90s/00s icons like Sublime, Blur, Deftones, Orbital, The Aquabats, and Taking Back Sunday. A potential No Doubt reunion has been teased.

Ahead of her Coachella appearance, Lana Del Rey holds five nominations at the 2024 Grammy Awards, scheduled for next month. Her 2023 album, Do You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, is nominated for Album of the Year and Best Alternative Album. Del Rey’s songs “A&W” and “Candy Necklace” have also secured nominations in various categories. Although not slated to perform at the ceremony, Del Rey’s Grammy recognition adds another layer to her prolific musical journey.

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