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JLO & Ben Affleck Improvise First Duet Together

To celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife, Ben Affleck and Jennifer López not only have hosted a stylish party, but have also dared to sing together in front of their guests. The actor performed one of his favorite songs from John Legend: “By Christmas Eve.”

At first, Affleck went on stage alone, just him and the pianist, who at one point asked him to “slow down” because he couldn’t keep up with the song. After the attendees started laughing, JLo stepped in to accompany and support her man, revealing that “By Christmas Eve” is Ben’s favorite Holiday song of all time.

“Make a wish, close your eyes and believe, I’ll be home, home, home, home, home by Christmas Eve,” sings Affleck, as dozens of guests cheer him on with an applause. Following their duet, opinions of people on social media were divided concerning Ben’s singing. While some think he should leave music in the hands of the professionals, others are already expecting a collaboration with JLO.

See here how Ben Affleck Takes Over JLO’s Mic:

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