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Jennifer Lopez Plans Summer Getaway Amid Marriage Tensions with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, known for her role in the upcoming film “Atlas“, is preparing for a summer getaway after canceling her concert tour, according to insiders. The 54-year-old star is focusing on spending quality time with her children, family, and close friends during this period. The decision to cancel her tour, announced by Live Nation on May 31, comes amidst reported strains in her marriage to Ben Affleck.

Lopez has a history of taking remarkable summer vacations, often with friends and sometimes with Affleck. The couple has previously enjoyed luxurious trips to destinations like France and Italy, including their 2022 honeymoon in Milan and Lake Como, and a birthday trip to Capri. Despite her busy lifestyle, Lopez has grown fond of vacationing in Italy. In a 2023 interview with Travel + Leisure, she confessed, “When I finally spent a couple of summers in the south of Italy, I really, really loved it.”

These trips have given Lopez a new perspective on taking breaks from her work-heavy schedule. She humorously remarked that discovering the joy of vacations felt like uncovering a hidden treasure she had missed out on. Her favorite part of Italy is the water, which she finds incredibly soothing. “I love being on the water. It calms me. I can sit still and stare at the ocean and the sky,” she shared. “Being on the coast, eating outside, and enjoying the fresh air is beautiful.”

In 2021, Lopez and Affleck celebrated her 52nd birthday on a yacht off the Amalfi Coast and made a stop at St. Tropez, a popular summer destination for celebrities. Even with their current marital issues, the couple has managed to maintain a friendly relationship.

Lopez recently posted a touching Father’s Day message to Affleck on June 16, calling him “our hero.” Affleck has three children—Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12—with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. He also plays a stepfather role to Lopez’s 16-year-old twins, Max and Emme, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. The blended family recently attended a graduation party for Samuel together in Brentwood, California, where both Lopez and Affleck were seen wearing their wedding rings.

Amidst their personal issues, Lopez and Affleck are trying to sell their $61 million Beverly Hills home, which they bought together in 2023. According to sources, Lopez is living in the house, while Affleck is residing in a nearby rental. Despite living separately, they reportedly meet up every few days.

Lopez’s summer plans are focused on relaxation and spending time with her loved ones. While it remains uncertain whether she will return to her beloved Italian retreats or explore new destinations, her goal is to find peace and joy amid life’s challenges. As she deals with the complexities of her marriage, her summer vacation promises to be a much-needed break.

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