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Jack Black Embraces Princess Role in Hilarious ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Song ‘Peaches’ Video

Jack Black effortlessly combines humor and his character Bowser in the featured song “Peaches” for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In the video directed by Cole Bennett, Black, dressed as a stylish version of the fearsome supervillain, passionately plays a peach-themed piano while singing a love song for Princess Peach. The song, which hints at the movie’s plot, was written and produced by film directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, Eric Osmond, engineer John Spiker, and Black himself.

Spiker, a longtime collaborator of Black’s, shared his experience working on the track with Insider, stating, “Jack Black is an incredible singer and musician, so we spent a night writing the song and sent the demo to Jack. A couple of days later, Jack sent us back a finished track. He had added his own twist on it, and his pianist played an original music track for it. We were blown away.”

Check out the video above, and find Lyrical Lemonade’s behind-the-scenes video about the making of the “Peaches” visual below.

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