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J-Hope’s “Jack in the Box”- Physical Album Launch Details

Despite currently serving in the South Korean military, J-Hope from global sensation BTS is still making waves in the music industry. His fans, fondly known as ARMY, have something new to rave about. BIGHIT Music announced that a year after its digital debut, J-Hope’s solo album, Jack in the Box, will be available in a physical version. This special release, scheduled for August 18, is set to excite fans and music lovers alike.

The physical album, aptly named “Jack in the Box (HOPE Edition)”, promises a spectacular assortment of features. It will include all the original tracks, but with an exciting addition of three live recordings from his groundbreaking performance at Lollapalooza in 2022. The festival, which took place in Chicago, marked a significant milestone for J-Hope, immortalized in these recordings. Along with these live tracks, the album will feature two instrumental compositions that will showcase another facet of J-Hope’s musical talent.

Beyond the music, “Jack in the Box (HOPE Edition)” will offer an array of special elements. It will present fans with new concept photos, providing a fresh aesthetic vision associated with the album. Moreover, it will include other exclusive components, which are yet to be revealed, adding an element of suspense and anticipation around the release.

Earlier this year, as J-Hope embarked on his compulsory military service, his fellow BTS members – Suga, RM, Jung Kook, Jimin, and V – were by his side, infusing the poignant moment with light-hearted humor about J-Hope’s new hairstyle.

While J-Hope is away serving his nation, his fans had a chance to reconnect with him through the solo documentary, “j-hope IN THE BOX”, which was screened in theaters worldwide. Part of the BTS 10th anniversary celebration, the film offered a deep dive into J-Hope‘s creative process during the album’s development. It also provided a front-row experience of his 2022 Lollapalooza performance and the Jack in the Box listening party.

J-Hope‘s performance at Lollapalooza 2022 was a milestone event, as he was the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage at a major American music festival. This monumental achievement, along with the forthcoming physical album release, demonstrates the artist’s global influence and his persistent effort to push boundaries in the world of music.

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