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If you live the right way, nothing wrong will happen to you: Aga Kankanyan

Style in Business. the guest of our rubric is Aga, the founder of the Aga Kankanyan Image Center, who is famous and appreciated in the makeup world for 21 years now. From the very first seconds of the meeting Aga’s activity, energy, and her unique love for her business and clients were eye-catching.

How did the clothing designer become a makeup artist?

Aga Kankanyan: Becoming a clothing designer was my childhood dream. I remember how my grandmother kept constantly sewing and I used to tell her, “Grandmother, when I grow up, I will sew beautiful things like you.” She taught me that one must have patience and it is true till today.
My journey has been like staircases, and I have climbed it gradually. There were no design schools in Armenia at that time, and it seemed to me that Andrey Milman opened the “Atex” center just for me. Make-up as a profession did not exist yet, but I moved beyond my age; I started organizing fashion shows first, and then finished the looks by doing makeup. And this is where the clothing designer becomes a makeup artist.
But why?
Aga Kankanyan: Because I am very impatient, very (laughing). The designer needs a few months to enjoy the created collection, while here I see the result shorty after my work.

Aga Kankanyan with Dima Bilan

What are the similarities between these two different professions?

Aga Kankanyan: There is one thing in common and that is the taste. You know. taste is the only thing you cannot teach a person. The staff members at my center have different professions. When I chose them, there is one important principle that I have taken into account while choosing them and that is having good taste. I can teach them makeup art, but I cannot teach them to have good taste. We complete the looks according to the style, but it is necessary to take a final look.

Do you imagine what the result will be when you see your client before makeup?

Aga Kankanyan: Yes, I am dealing with a human being not with a canvas for example. The character and essence of a person, every detail is important in order to get the result that will make her
love herself
Beautiful and correct makeup is the one that…

Aga Kankanyan: Fits the person very much.
There was time when you had only three brushes … and what is needed to become a good makeup artist today?

Aga Kankanyan: To read face and style of that certain person, to have good taste and create specific image for that person. I do everything with love and affection. I am lucky that I am involved specifically in this business. Office work is not for me (smiling)
You definitely teach your students to …

Aga Kankanyan: Be “right person” in the first place. If you live the right way, nothing wrong will ever happen to you: your energy comes back to you. I do not want my students to be middle-class specialists. I want them to be the best professionals. I make specific trainings for them about how not to get broken in life.
What are the mistakes in makeup that you see quite often?

Aga Kankanyan: I am glad to notice that our women have come closer to European style. They use professional makeup more often and understand what is it that they need and how.
However, I would definitely want to advise, as I know that we like the highlighter a lot. It can only be used on the skin that is ideally taken care of; otherwise, it just underlines the skin defects.

Without which cosmetics a woman cannot go on?

Aga Kankanyan: Lipstick.
What is your favorite flavor?

Aga Kankanyan: I create my own “bouquet*: | never use a single flavor, but mixture of 4-5 perfumes. I chose different flavors, and then I mix them to get “my aroma”.

Favorite accessory…

Aga Kankanyan: Oh, I like accessories very much. The only thing without which I cannot get out of the house perhaps is the earring.

Which brand do you prefer brand…

Aga Kankanyan: It is Philipp Plein now.


Aga Kankanyan: Which of them should I say? (Laughing) I always search for new ones. I motivate myself with yoga, boxing. photography, marketing… different.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Aga Kankanyan: Kind, humane and hard-working.
What do you value the most in people?

Aga Kankanyan: Being a good person (smiling).

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