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Image of Henry Moodie singer of pick up the phone

Henry Moodie’s Latest Release-A Riveting Music Video for “pick up the phone”

Hailed British singer-songwriter Henry Moodie recently unveiled a poignant new music video for his latest single, “pick up the phone“. Launched on June 23, 2023, this soul-stirring piece was brought to life in collaboration with Aldae, who co-wrote the song, and the talented trio of Sir Nolan, Stavros Tsarouhas, and Lenno, who were in charge of production.

The lyrics encapsulate a deeply personal journey, echoing sentiments of endurance and resilience. “pick up the phone” is a testament to Moodie‘s ability to turn internal struggles into a universal message of hope. The artist’s emotive writing style blends perfectly with the soulful melody, creating an intimate and comforting space for the listeners.

In an illuminating explanation of the track, Henry Moodie remarked, “Life can get dark sometimes and it’s so easy to catastrophise and spiral, but things can and do get better. We need the bad days to grow and we need the bad days to learn. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t appreciate all the good ones! I’ve been there. I wrote the song to give hope to people who are in a bad place and really as a reminder how important it is to talk to people and reach out to someone if you need help!”

Moodie‘s social media platforms buzzed with excitement following the release of the music video. He took to these platforms to share his heartfelt intentions behind the creation of this song. He posted, “this song is a message to my younger self, reminding him it’s all gonna be okay in the end! when life gets dark sometimes it’s easy to catastrophise and go into a negative spiral BUT things DO get better! this song is a reminder that we all need bad days to grow & learn – if we didn’t we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones🤷‍♂️. my mission with this song is to bring hope & motivation to people who are in a bad place <3 remember to reach out to someone if you need help!”

Through “pick up the phone“, Moodie has provided a much-needed lifeline for those feeling lost or hopeless, reminding them of the ebbs and flows of life and the necessity of these experiences for personal growth. The song serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging listeners to reach out and connect when times get tough. With this release, Henry Moodie continues to solidify his reputation as an artist who can convey the complexities of the human experience through his soulful tunes. As Moodie sends his message of endurance, empathy, and hope out into the world, the powerful impact of his music continues to reverberate.

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