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Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”: A Unique and Surprising Social Commentary

Greta Gerwig‘s movie “Barbie,” co-written by Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, has left fans wondering about the reactions of Mattel executives when they first saw it. As the maker of Barbie and other toy lines like Masters of the Universe, Mattel appears to be attempting to compete with its rival, Hasbro (known for Transformers and G.I. Joe), in the box office arena.

The film features a scene in the “real world” where Barbie, portrayed by Margot Robbie, tries to find her owner, encountering a young woman named Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt). Sasha candidly explains to Barbie that she is seen as a menace who has set feminism back 50 years and perpetuated unrealistic body expectations. The inclusion of such shrewd and biting cultural commentary about their iconic product may have surprised Mattel, who might not have expected this level of social commentary in the movie.

Throughout the film’s runtime, viewers are treated to unexpected and amusing moments. For instance, there’s a scene where various Kens engage in a war over control of Barbie Land, featuring a hilarious beach invasion by Ryan Gosling‘s Ken using tennis rackets and volleyballs as weapons, culminating in a trippy, choreographed dance number. These unique and imaginative elements might leave parents taking their young children to the movie both delighted and intrigued.

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The story follows Barbie’s journey from her perfect life in Barbie Land to a realization of an existential crisis, leading her to seek her owner, Gloria, played by America Ferrera. Meanwhile, Ken explores the real world and discovers an interest in the concept of patriarchy, leading to a dramatic showdown with the other Kens.

“Barbie” offers an unconventional and weird narrative, characterized by delightful performances and unexpected twists, with Will Ferrell playing the bumbling oaf CEO of Mattel. The film masterfully weaves social commentary with humor, presenting a unique blend of love and critique for the iconic character.

While “Barbie” may not fit the mold of a traditional Barbie movie, its bold and witty approach has captivated audiences and sparked intrigue. The film’s ability to combine social commentary with comedic elements makes it stand out, leaving audiences both entertained and pondering its deeper messages.

As the release of “Barbie” approaches, many are curious to see how it will be received and if Warner Bros. and Mattel will continue to support Gerwig and Baumbach in creating more unconventional films based on their iconic toy line.

‘Barbie’ is set to hit theaters soon, and audiences can look forward to an experience that goes beyond expectations and offers a fresh take on the iconic character’s story.

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