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Fenn O’Meally has teamed up with Farfetch for their September Campaign film. This star-studded film led by Leighton Meester, Omar Apollo, Bakar and Paloma Elsesser is filled with sumptuous visuals and expansive shots. It is a testament to Fenn’s curatorial eye, each cast member getting their own moment, perfectly framed to showcase Farfetch’s collection.

Fenn said, “Collaborating with the Farfetch team, Ryan my DOP, the incredible cast and the just as incredible crew on this job was so special. It was a project where we really got to play and I’ve always felt that space to play should be maintained throughout the creative process. I think the freedom to be intuitive and curious is so important, whatever the discipline, from filmmaking to styling. I have a lot of love for the FF team so huge thank you to them”

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