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Dolly Parton Teases “Jolene” Cover for Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance: Act II’

In a potential merging of country music royalty, Dolly Parton hints at a forthcoming collaboration with none other than Beyoncé for the second act of her album, Renaissance, set to release on March 29.

The iconic country singer disclosed to Knox News that she has heard rumors suggesting Beyoncé might cover her timeless 1973 hit, “Jolene.” Parton, ever diplomatic, carefully chose her words, expressing that she “thinks” and “hopes” Queen Bey has indeed recorded her rendition of the classic track. However, the confirmation awaits the album’s official release.

Parton’s excitement over the prospect of Beyoncé’s cover is palpable. She revealed a history of mutual admiration, with both artists exchanging messages over the years. Parton, touched by Beyoncé and her mother’s fandom, expressed her longstanding appreciation for the global superstar’s talent.

Notably, Dolly Parton recently extended her support to Beyoncé after the latter made history as the first Black woman to top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart with “Texas Hold ‘Em.” Parton’s enthusiasm for Beyoncé’s venture into country music is evident, eagerly anticipating the release of her full album.

While Beyoncé’s crossover into country music has raised eyebrows among some traditionalists, Parton staunchly defends her, highlighting Beyoncé’s Texan roots and her ability to excel in any genre. Parton believes in the power of music to transcend boundaries, emphasizing Beyoncé’s chart-topping success as proof of her universal appeal.

Parton’s own musical journey reflects a similar willingness to explore diverse genres. Her recent venture into rock with the album Rockstar demonstrated her versatility, topping both the Country and Rock & Alternative charts upon its debut. Additionally, her collaboration with Pitbull on “Powerful Women” showcased her enduring influence in contemporary music.

As fans eagerly await the release of Renaissance: Act II, the tantalizing possibility of a Beyoncé cover of “Jolene” adds an extra layer of anticipation to an already highly anticipated album.

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