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Conway The Machine and Jae Skeese Collaborate on New Album ‘Pain Provided Profit’

Conway The Machine, one of the leading names in the Griselda crew, is already starting off his 2023 on a high note with multiple album releases lined up. However, with his reputation for consistently producing high-quality music, it should come as no surprise that he’s capable of juggling multiple projects at once.

One of his latest releases is a collaborative project with fellow Buffalo, NY rapper Jae Skeese, titled Pain Provided Profit. While the album was initially released on vinyl in February, the digital version is now available for streaming.

The album features seven tracks and includes guest appearances from 7xvethegenius, Goose, and SK Da King on a single track. The project showcases Conway’s signature gritty and introspective lyricism, paired with Jae Skeese’s unique and melodic delivery, resulting in a refreshing and enjoyable listening experience.

The album’s title, Pain Provided Profit, is indicative of the type of content fans can expect from the project. Both artists delve into their personal struggles, the trials and tribulations they’ve faced, and how they’ve turned their pain into something productive. It’s a theme that’s prevalent throughout the album, and it’s evident in the way the two artists seamlessly trade verses and complement each other’s styles.

Overall, Pain Provided Profit is a solid release from two talented rappers hailing from the same city. With Conway The Machine’s upcoming projects, including Won’t He Do It and Drumwork: The Album, fans can expect a busy year from the Griselda heavyweight. But if Pain Provided Profit is any indication of what’s to come, it’s clear that Conway will continue to deliver high-quality music throughout the year.

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