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“Chrishell Stause Surprises Fans with News of Marriage to G Flip”

A surprise announcement has rocked the world of pop culture as Chrishell Stause, renowned “Selling Sunset” star, revealed her secret marriage to Australian musician G Flip. The news of their unexpected nuptials was delivered by Stause herself during an interview on Australia’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show.”

Stause dropped the bombshell during a casual conversation about her relationship with G Flip. The presenter inquired whether they were officially dating, to which Stause nonchalantly responded, “We are more than dating. We’re married.” This revelation left the hosts, as well as her fans, in absolute disbelief.

The intimate ceremony took place in Los Angeles, with the couple choosing to keep the news under wraps until now. Stause also mentioned that the two are incredibly happy and shared that her spouse likes to call her “wifey,” much to the amusement of the radio hosts.

This unexpected revelation has certainly delighted the fans of both Stause and G Flip. The unanticipated news of their marriage, coupled with the joy that both of them are experiencing, has undoubtedly marked a significant chapter in their lives. The couple’s decision to maintain their privacy and reveal the news on their own terms reflects their desire to cherish their special moments away from the public eye.

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