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Bri Tiesi Reveals Fashion Secrets on “Selling Sunset”: Unraveling the Cast’s High-Glamour Looks and Budget

In the world of Selling Sunset, high glam is a must, but it turns out that all that glitz and glamour comes at a cost – and it’s the cast members who foot the bill. Bri Tiesi, the newest real estate agent to join the show, recently shed light on how the cast manages to pull off their on-camera designer looks.

According to Tiesi, there’s “no budget” provided by the show for their wardrobe and styling needs. Instead, the cast often relies on pulling outfits from showrooms, wearing them on the show, and then returning them. The more extravagant pieces are usually not purchased, making the process more accessible for the cast.

Bri Tiesi

However, if a cast member falls in love with a particular outfit, they may choose to buy it. Tiesi revealed that some of the real estate agents do invest in pieces they adore or consider wardrobe staples.

In addition to using showrooms, some of the cast members explore partnerships with brands and stores that loan out clothes. Occasionally, they receive gifted pieces, adding variety to their looks.

Tiesi acknowledged that coordinating multiple looks per week, sometimes even per day, for the show can be a challenge. The cast often collaborates with up-and-coming brands, utilizing borrowed outfits and showrooms to build their wardrobes.

Bri Tiesi is seen on May 06, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

While the cast invests in their fashion choices, Tiesi expressed her gratitude for her team of stylists, assistants, and glam experts who make it all possible. Her everyday mommy duties, having recently given birth, make the support even more crucial.

Despite the lack of a specific wardrobe budget from the show, the cast members do receive paychecks for their appearances. However, they are responsible for managing their wardrobe and styling expenses themselves.

Selling Sunset. Bri Tiesi in season 6 of Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset continues to be a showcase of high-end real estate and jaw-dropping fashion, proving that the real estate agents are as skilled in dressing to impress as they are in sealing the deal.

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