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Modapit’s Debut Album Teases with “Falling in Love” Music Video

Modapit has continued to captivate listeners with his latest release, “Falling In Love,” and its accompanying music video. The enigmatic producer, who first gained attention with his debut track “Dancing,” is preparing to release his first full-length album and “Falling In Love” provides another glimpse into his thematic journey.

Despite his signature gothic style, Modapit’s latest single takes a more vulnerable and nostalgic approach, exploring the journey towards love and the struggles that come with it. With haunting sound design and lovelorn lyrics, “Falling In Love” showcases the producer’s dynamic and visceral sound.

The music video for “Falling In Love” was directed by David Borges and features cinematography by Carlos Perez. The video stars Gabriela Garcia as a mysterious character who must confront her past after encountering a group of mystics. Set in a desert, the video features stunning choreography designed by Tiffany De Alba, as the group of dancers move in unison.

Modapit’s unique style and sound continue to draw attention, and “Falling In Love” is a perfect example of his ability to create captivating and emotive music. As he prepares to release his debut album, fans eagerly anticipate what else this enigmatic producer has in store.

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